Course Sequence

The three-year DNP program is a total of 48 credit hours to complete the degree. Below is the course sequence for the entire degree or download it here.

Year One Courses

Fall Spring Summer
NURS 7310 Scholarly Foundation of Advanced Practice NURS 7321 Translational Science NURS 7140 DNP Scholarship Portfolio Advisement I
NURS 7320 Appraisal and Application of Evidence-Based Practice Principles NURS 7323 Health Care Economics and Practice Management NURS 7322 Statistical Analysis for the DNP Project
NURS 7325 Organization and Systems Leadership for Quality Improvement and Systems Thinking NURS 7324 Health Care Ethics and Health Policy NURS 7220 Information Technology in Health Care
    NURS 6336 Epidemiology (for those who did not have Epi in MSN program)

Year Two Courses

Fall Spring Summer
NURS 7315 Interprofessional Collaboration for Improving Patient Outcomes

NURS 7326 Advanced Management of Complex Health Conditions & Genomics

NURS 7183 DNP Advanced Seminar III
NURS 7370 DNP Fellowship I NURS 7243 DNP Scholarship Project Advisement III NURS 7244 DNP Scholarship Project Advisement IV
NURS 7241 DNP Scholarship Project Advisement II NURS 7182 DNP Advanced Seminar II  
NURS 7180 DNP Advanced Seminar I NURS 7371 DNP Fellowship II