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Summer Travel Institutes


     The purpose of the professional Summer Travel Institutes is to allow UMHB Doctor of Education students to establish a network of individuals and organization committed to furthering the interests of education. During the Summer Travel Institutes, students will develop an understanding of how state, national, and international governments conduct business, and how educational policies are formulated and implemented. Students will gain an awareness and appreciation of laws, systems, research, and contemporary issues affecting education in a global society.


     The first summer in the program students will spend a week in Austin visiting such agencies as:  Texas Association of School Boards, The Equity Center, The Dana Center and Texas Association of Community Colleges. Students will develop an appreciation of the political and economic systems at the state level that affect education.

Washington D.C.

     The second summer students will travel to Washington D.C. to experience the infrastructure and operation of the national government as it relates to education. Students will interact with such agencies as: The National Education of Research Statics, Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Baptist Joint Committee, and American Association of School Administrators. Students will have the ability to compare and contrast the development of education policy and implementation from a national view to that of the State of Texas.


     The third summer students will travel to Europe to experience diverse educational, political, social, and economic systems in another culture. Students will have the opportunity to interact with agencies and educational leaders such as: Omaha Beach, the American Cemetery in Colleville, Maastricht alderman for education, school principal(s) in Germany, and governor of the board of primary schools.  After the international institute, students will gain an understanding of international education practice, policy, politics, resources, culture, and the implications regarding current education systems in the United States.

Summer Travel Institutes: Education for Life….Experience of a Lifetime

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