Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline for the application to the Graduate School to be submitted?

There is no set deadline for the application to be submitted; open enrollment is permitted.  However, students are encouraged to apply the semester prior to enrollment intent.

Are the master's programs in Education the same as certification programs?

No, the programs are different; however, many classes required for certification are included in specific programs. A person may receive certification if they complete all requirements for certification. 

Are there professional organizations recommended by the College of Education?

Yes, there are a number of professional organizations; some of them are: Phi Delta Kappa, Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, Texas Elementary Principal's Association, Council of Exceptional Child, International Reading Association, Texas State Reading Association, Texas Association of Secondary School Principals Association.

How many graduate hours will be accepted from another accredited institution?

Six graduate hours will be accepted from another regionally accredited institution with approval from the M.Ed. Program Director and the Registrar.

What are the qualifications of faculty teaching in the graduate programs in the College of Education?

All faculty hold the terminal degree, years of experience, and certification in the areas taught.

What is the maximum class size in the College of Education?

The maximum class size is 20; however, sometimes classes are under 20 providing a more personalized approach.

Do I need to have an education-related undergraduate degree to enter the master's program in Education?

No, you do not need an education-related undergraduate degree to enter the master's program.

Am I qualified for administration?

Many teachers begin to take advanced courses for a master's program during the time they are teaching. When the administrative opportunity presents itself, the teacher will then be prepared.

What do faculty look for in an applicant to the program?

The College of Education looks for applicants with the desire to be involved in educational issues and desire to search for answers with appropriate investigations and research. In addition, the College of Education views favorably those who desire to research and write in the field.