Master of Science in Nursing Students


Is there a deadline for application to the Graduate School to be submitted?

The early decision application deadline is the end of February, and the final admissions deadline is generally a month or two following that date. For the exact dates each year please refer to the admissions page.

Is the GRE required?

The UMHB Graduate School does not require the GRE for entrance into the MSN program.

Is there a separate application to the Scott and White College of Nursing?

No. Your Graduate School application and fee will be processed by the Graduate Admissions Office, and once all application requirements are complete the information will be forwarded to the MSN Program Director. After you are notified by the Graduate Admissions Office that your application is complete the MSN Program Director will contact you to come for an on-campus interview.

Do I have to have a license to practice as a registered nurse in the state of Texas?

Yes, there must be evidence that you are currently licensed to practice in Texas.

What if I am licensed in another state?

You must obtain a Texas license prior to beginning clinical courses. Contact the Texas Board of Nursing at for information.

How long will it take to finish the program?

The program is set to begin a new cohort of students every fall semester. View the course sequence to review the program by semester.

Can I work and go to school too?

Yes, our program is designed for people who work. A portion of each class is online and classroom meetings are scheduled for Friday afternoon and Saturday.

What are the qualifications for faculty teaching in the graduate program in the College of Nursing?

All faculty hold the terminal degree (doctorate) and have experience in the areas taught.

What is a hybrid program?

The graduate nursing program is structured so that one-third of each course is conducted in the classroom and two-thirds is off campus. The classroom portion of each course is scheduled to occur Friday afternoon or Saturday and several courses are clustered to allow the student to plan campus time one weekend each month. For didactic courses, two-thirds of the course will be on-line. For clinical courses, one-third is on-line, one-third is in a clinical setting, and one-third is in the classroom.

Do I need to have a criminal background check?

Yes, clinical agencies require background checks before students can use the site for clinical. Information regarding the vendor used will be provided for students.

What immunizations and certifications do I need to have before I start the program?

Health records will be needed prior to enrolling in clinical courses. You will need to submit evidence of a negative TB skin test within two months prior to admission to clinical courses and annually thereafter. If you have a positive TB skin test, you will need to submit a chest x-ray report. You will also need to provide certification of immunizations and vaccinations for diphtheria-tetanus, measles (rubeola), mumps, varicella (no history of chicken pox or titer does not indicate immunity), and the hepatitis B series (3 injections). A Health Care Provider CPR/AED course completion card is required and must be on file prior to beginning clinical courses.