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Graduate Int'l Student - Airport Pick Up

We are excited you are coming to study at the UMHB Graduate School. Please provide your flight information and let us know if you need temporary accommodations when you arrive if you need help.

Pick up is only available if you fly into the Austin-Bergstrom airport (112 kilometers from the university) or the Killeen-Fort Hood airport (45 kilometeres from the university).

Contact Information
Flight Information

Even if you only need accommodations, you must complete the flight information so we know when you will arrive.

Airport pick ups are from current graduate international students who are freely giving their time to help you. You will be required to pay the student the amount below to pay for the airport parking fee, and the gas they used to pick you up.

Cost for pick up from Austin is $50
Cost for pick up from Killeen is $30

Enter the date your final flight is arriving in the U.S.


Enter the time your final flight arrives in the U.S.


Temporary accommodations with current graduate international students will be provided but may not be available for all students. If these accommodations are filled you will be taken to a low cost motel until you get an apartment near the university.