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Student Spotlights

Dr. Tracy Booth
Ed.D. Leadership in Nursing Education
“There are many wonderful aspects to the UMHB EdD program. If I had to pick the top two aspects I appreciate most, it would be the faculty and the embedded dissertation. The faculty are among the best in education and their support and encouragement throughout the program were invaluable. The embedded dissertation makes a very daunting component of obtaining a doctorate manageable. Attaining a doctorate in education allowed me to expand my nursing expertise to include expertise in education and leadership. With the added pedagogical knowledge and leadership development, I am well prepared to advocate for the profession of nursing and nursing education. I highly recommend the UMHB EdD in Nursing Education Leadership program to anyone who desires to promote excellence in nursing education.”
Holland Stanton
Master of Science in Education in Sport Administration
"My favorite part about UMHB has been the overall experience of a family atmosphere. The President, staff, professors, coaches and everyone involved with this school do an outstanding job of making you feel at home while you are at UMHB getting an education. I was also able to play football while pursuing my undergraduate degree, then I was able to do my Master's and coach for the football team as a graduate assistant. This was my favorite part about UMHB because it allowed me to do what I loved while I was getting my Education. I value the education at UMHB because I know that it will prepare me for the rest of my life. The lectures I listened to, the material I studied, and the different classes that made me think outside the box and do real world type of events throughout the class prepared me so well. I value the education also because the professors I listened to and learned from seemed so educated and had such a great outlook on life. They made me want to learn and I valued that coming from them. I chose to complete my graduate degree at UMHB because of multiple reasons. I was offered a Graduate Assistant football coaching job here at UMHB once I was done playing and this allowed me to get my Masters. I want to coach at the collegiate level and complete my Masters and UMHB offered me both. My Masters degree was in Sport Administration. This was huge for me because this helps with upper level positions in a school, such as Principal and Athletic Director. I liked this choice of study because if Collegiate coaching did not work out, I could fall back on this and hopefully get a job as a high school coach, principal, or athletic director. I was also intrigued by this Master's program because it is an online class. While working long hours at the field house and being on the road coaching football I never once worried about missing class because I was always able to work on my class whenever and wherever. It has been truly a blessing for me to work on and complete my Graduate degree here at UMHB."